Message from the Leadership Team

Greetings from your Leadership Team!

A Whole Lot of Gratitude

We could not be more grateful for our beloved families and learners — and our amazing facilitators and staff — who came together as an iLEAD family to ensure everyone was safe and felt loved during a difficult situation in our community. 

We are extremely grateful for our staff who worked together throughout the day to ensure our learners were safe and comforted during the situation. We are very proud of them.

We appreciate the feedback we’ve been getting, and because our No. 1 priority is always the safety of our learners, we are using this information to address future responses. The days following last Tuesday were spent in debriefing our response to see what areas we need, and augmenting our emergency operation plan (EOP) to address the things we experienced during the fire.

To keep informed of emergency information from local agencies, consider subscribing to http://www.nixle.com/  Nixle keeps you up-to-date with relevant information from your local public safety departments and schools.

We learned a lot last Tuesday, but one thing was crystal clear: It’s imperative that all parents complete their emergency card and notifications to ensure SCVi leadership can provide each and every parent with updates during a crisis situation. We can’t stress this enough; please complete the form so we can keep you informed.

Winter Production is 10 years old!

The first winter production took place in December 2008.  It was our first year, and 100 learners, families and staff crammed into the multi-purpose room we rented at St. Stephens church to celebrate our first year together. This week marks our 10th production. We are looking forward to the great show!

Taking Care of Our Planet = Reusable Water Bottles

After taking count of the amount of plastic cups (500+) our school uses daily in the CAFE, we realized that we could do better as a school in regards to conservation. We could be better at taking care of our planet. In this effort, we are asking our learners and families to help us in this by bringing reusable water bottles rather than us continuing to use plastic cups which are harmful to our environment. This way, our learners can refill their bottles in the CAFE and at the water fountains, and also practice two valuable skills.  One: using resources wisely. Two: being responsible for their belongings.

Over the break, we will replace the outside fountain with a new water bottle/refillable one. We currently have two of these installed on campus (in upper school and on the second floor of the lower school.) Learners may use CAFE water too. In the meantime, if your learner forgets her refillable bottle, the CAFE can provide a paper cup. We hope in January to have 100 percent of our learners, families, and staff on board. Finally, water bottles will also be available for a nominal price when we return.

We appreciate hearing from our families.  You can reach your SCVi Leadership Team, by emailing us at leadership@scvi-k12.org

Your Leadership Team