Podcasts Are Effective Learning Tool

Podcasts For Learning SCVi

Podcasts have become extremely popular. But they are not only popular with adults. They can be very popular with young learners as well. Podcasts can provide new subject matter that not only keeps learners more engaged, but also allows them to experience exemplary communication outside traditional texts. Podcast topics are endless: fictional stories, educational and inspirational TED talks, current events/world news, history, sports, pop culture/entertainment, and investigative journalism. Podcasts are engaging and expose learners to a wide variety of methods of communication, including narration, casual dialogue, scripted dialogue, and interviews. There are many worthwhile podcasts available for learners! We have listed ones that are highly recommended and cover a wide range of topics. There is something for everyone! Here you go:

Grades K-5

Reading Bug Adventures 

Wow in the World!  

Stories Podcast 

Circle Round  

Noodle Loaf

Brains On!  

Forever Ago  

Story Pirates  

But Why?


Saturday Cereal Bowl

Grades 6-8


 Forever Ago  

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls 

Start Cooking

Science Friday  

Pants on Fire

Six Minutes

Flyest Fables

Eleanor Amplified

Book Club for Kids

Grades 9-12

Start-Up Nation                                                                                                            


Science Friday

DFJ Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Seminar

History of the World Podcast 

Start Cooking

NPR,This I Believe

Killer Innovations

99% Invisible