We Put the ‘Fun’ Back in Fundraisers!

SCVi Foundation has several “fun”-raisers in the next few weeks. Here’s a list of the latest and greatest!

*Topper’s Family Night Fundraiser – Wednesday, Sept. 20: Skip the heat in the kitchen and join us for some pizza. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be going toward our Stallion Teams. Download a copy of the flier to bring to Topper’s:


Download Flier

Download Flier

Download Flier

Download Flier

You’re Invited to Join Our PAC!
(Parent Action Collaboration) 

Dear Parents,

We’re inviting you to make a difference and join our PAC! Studies consistently show that learners with parents involved in their schools thrive and succeed at higher rates!

The reasons that parent involvement increases a child’s success are many. Simply letting a child know you care and are invested enough to be involved in their school life sends a clear message about the VALUE of their school, their education and the CHILD!

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When: 8:45 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 20 
Where: SCVi Cafe
What to Bring: Your Calendar, Your Ideas, Your Smile   🙂

Questions: Email Foundation.office@ileadschools.org or call (661) 888-1953