Safety & Civility on School Grounds

Welcome Back SCVi 2023-24

Dear SCVi families,

To ensure the safety of our learners and staff, we are requiring everyone to check in with a driver’s license at the front desk and obtain a yellow visitor sticker.

This includes during morning drop-off. If you do not need to come onto the campus and are able to drop your learners off at the Cafe gate in the morning, please do so to help alleviate foot traffic in our lobby.

If for any reason you are going anywhere on campus besides the administration office, you will be required to check in and get a yellow visitor sticker. You will need to bring your driver’s license with you and possibly wait in line at the desk. This may take a few extra minutes in the morning, so please be patient and remember that this is for the safety of our learners and staff.

Please note: Any learner who is tardy needs to sign in at the front desk. We will not be giving late slips until 9:00 AM, but learners should still sign in at the front desk to ensure all absences are adjusted to tardies.

We have also included our civility policy, which you can read at the bottom of page 53 in our Family Guidebook.

Civility Policy

If you have any questions, please call the school at 661-705-4820.