Safety Reminder: Dropoff/Pickup Procedures

We want to take a moment to strongly reiterate how vital it is to observe SCVi’s pick-up and drop-off procedures, in addition to being mindful of the flow of traffic in our parking lot. This is important for everyone’s safety. 

  • Please DO NOT park in red curb zones, handicapped spaces (unless you have a handicapped parking permit), or any other spaces clearly marked “no parking.” In addition to being a vibrant campus, SCVi shares this space with two businesses, including a busy drive-through Starbucks. 
  • Please pay attention to your speed and surroundings when driving in the parking lot. 
  • Please take advantage of SCVi’s valet.
  • Please make every effort to drop off your learner on time.
  • Click here to review the full list of valet procedures.

Thank you for doing your part to keep our learners and our campus safe!

Please feel free to email us with any questions at info@ileadschools.org.