Scarlet Foundation FAQs

Scarlet Foundation

Hi SCVi Families! You may have heard your facilitators mention the Scarlet Foundation during Back to School night. What is the Scarlet Foundation, you ask? Here’s a quick Q & A to shed some light on who we are, what we do, and how we can work together to support our learners!

Q: What is the Scarlet Foundation?
A: Scarlet Foundation is our registered nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to support SCVi and learners through fundraising and community-building activities. Our board is made up of volunteer parents who are just like you! Our mission? To make sure our learners have the best possible educational experience.

Q: Why is fundraising important?
A: Compared with a traditional public school, SCVi effectively receives less funding per child because our expenses are higher. For example, because SCVi pays to lease its campus facilities, a significant portion of our budget is spoken for right out of the gate. To make up for the shortfall, Scarlet Foundation organizes fundraising initiatives to support our school and its needs.

Q: How does it work?
A: Scarlet Foundation partners with iSupport Leadership and coordinates with Administrators and Facilitators to pinpoint areas and programs that need resources. Through events planned by iSupport,  funds are raised to support those areas and continually improve our campus environment. In past years, we’ve sponsored items for our music, PE, and theater departments, laptops, and shade for outdoor play areas (just to name a few)! With your help, the possibilities are endless!

Q: I want to help! How do I sign up?
A: Visit our website to keep an eye out for fundraising opportunities and events. We will also send updates via ParentSquare and through dedicated Scarlet Foundation emails throughout the school year. Want to help right away? Support us on Amazon Smile and at Ralphs. Both Amazon and Ralphs will donate a percentage of all your eligible purchases to the Scarlett Foundation. ALSO you can simply donate directly through our Annual Giving campaign: https://scarletparents.org/fundraising/

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Co-Presidents Kenchy Ragsdale and Jeannette Laughlin, Kenchy.Ragsdale@ScarletParents.org and Jeannette.Laughlin@ScarletParents.org

We look forward to partnering with you to support our learners and the SCVi community!


The Parents of the Scarlet Foundation Board