SCVi Stallion Volleyball Celebrates Win vs. Calgary Christian

The varsity volleyball team celebrated a great team win over Calvary Christian, Oxnard on Tuesday, Sept. 5. Seniors Emma Hild and Lily Magno had 6 kills apiece. Junior Nicole Arakelian scored 15 points on her serve with 5 aces.  Senior Gabby Cario scored 12 points on serve with 5 aces, and Paige Chabot had 11 receptions. Finally, senior Avery Bowen had 6 aces with her brand new jump serve. Way to go Lady Stallions!  

Next Games:

09/13/17  Wednesday        Pilgrim        at Pilgrim               5:00 p. m.     

09/19/17  Tuesday               AGBU           (Home) Legacy     3:30 p.m.      

09/20/17  Wednesday        Delphi         (Home) Legacy     3:30 p.m.      

09/26/17  Tuesday               Summit View  (Home) Legacy  3:30 p.m.