SCVi Theatre Arts Returns for 4-8 Spring Show!

book shiny

SCVi Theatre Arts and 4-8 Players are excited to return for our Spring Production! Ms. B is working with our 4-8 learners to bring another amazing show to us after our sellout production of Alice in Wonderland!

Now we are coming together to bring you a new spin on a classic tale!

There are two sides to every story, and when the Big, Bad Wolf takes the stand in Piggsylvania’s Trial of the Century, he finally gets his say. But whether he’ll get a fair trial in a corrupt piggy court is anyone’s guess. Will the pigs’ splashy puppet show make a puppet out of justice, or is the wolf’s catchy song and dance about a sneeze gone wrong all razzle-dazzle? Enter the jury box and decide the fate of Big ‘n’ Bad in this musical adaptation of the hit children’s book.

Our first meeting will be with Miss B after school on May 7! You can sign up for this semester and get your spot!

Thank you so much for supporting our learners, and we can’t wait to see you when we meet in March and present our shows on June 9 and 10!