SCVi Upper School Spring 2021 Distance Learning Schedule

SCVi Online Schedule Spring

Dear SCVi Upper School families,

At the end of the fall semester, learners, families, and staff shared their feedback about Upper School’s Fall Hybrid Schedule. Taking into consideration that LA County is still in the most restrictive tier, and in response to the feedback we received, SCVi is adjusting our spring schedule.

The spring distance learning schedule was created from our desire to help support learners while we continue providing classes online. This schedule will be in effect while we continue distance learning. Please note that once LA County allows for schools to resume on-site learning, SCVi will return to the asynchronous and synchronous hybrid schedule from the fall semester.

Beginning Tuesday, January 12, all learners will meet in their advisories at 8:25 AM to review the new schedule, revisit school norms, and participate in team-building. The spring distance learning schedule will begin Wednesday, January 13, 2021. Classes will be held in a block schedule. Instead of meeting in cohorts, all learners will meet in their A, C, and E Blocks on Monday and Wednesday and in their B, D, and F Blocks on Tuesday and Thursday. Advisories will meet each day Monday through Friday.

Core Classes will end by 12:25 PM each day. We have scheduled lunch from 12:25-1:05 PM. Design Tech classes are scheduled from 1:05 to 2:10 PM. Office hours/check-ins will be offered in the afternoons, with meeting times posted clearly on each facilitator’s landing page.

We believe that while we remain in a completely virtual learning environment, this schedule is the best answer to keep our learners engaged. Should we be able to resume in-person classes, our learners will return to the site two days per week, and we will resume the fall hybrid schedule they are now familiar with.

Thank you for your continued support as we navigate these challenging times. We look forward to our learners returning online Tuesday, January 12.


SCVi Leadership Team