Self Defense Class Led by John Maclay

9th – 12th Grade
Tuesday, April 10
7 – 9 p.m.
Room 215

This will be a six-week, 12-hour course, during which the following scenarios and subjects will be covered:

  • Situational Awareness and Observation
  • The Psychology of Danger, and the Fight, Flight, or Freeze Response
  • Controlling Your Flinch Response, or Turning the Useless into the Useful
  • The OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act), and How Not To Get Stuck In It!
  • Stances: Standing Ready, Passive Ready, and Fighting Ready, or How To Stand and What That Says
  • Striking, How and Where(Here we will cover various methods of striking, where, and how to employ the various limbs to execute the strike)
  • Fists -Feet -Elbows-Knees -Target Selection
  • Grappling and Counter-Grappling in Self Defense
  • Joint Manipulation
  • Pressure Points and Pain Centers
  • Balance Points in Standing Grappling(and other scenarios) …and more.

As we move through the course, this information and its use will be presented while being discussed through the lens of various situations and scenarios students may find themselves in.

In addition, we can also discuss and/or train for rarer yet still possible scenarios such as active shooter and political riots/demonstrations and athletic riots.

Parents are encouraged to take this class with their learners but it is not mandatory; an informational meeting on the first class date will be held and parents do need to be present for that. 

Class size is LIMITED so please reach out to Renee Bowen to reserve your spot. The class is ideal for upper school learners and their families, but if you and your lower school learner are interested, please reach out to us.

Total for course is $240 with half due to reserve and secure your spot.

For more information, please contact reneebowen@gmail.com