Workshop: Tips for Managing Anxiety in Children: May 23

Mental Health

SCVi Presents: No Parent Left Behind: A Virtual Parent Workshop in Collaboration with ROWI Teen & Parent Wellness Centers. You are invited to our webinar on Thursday, May 23, at 6-7 PM: “Parenting: Understanding anxiety and tips for managing anxiety in children.”

This webinar, followed by a Q&A, is geared toward parents/guardians of SCVi learners. Join us on Zoom for this insightful session with Melyssa Zive, LMFT. Discover practical advice, insightful tips, and effective strategies on how to work with teens experiencing anxiety. Learn to parent from a place of love, and understand your child better, moving away from fear-based parenting.

Please stay tuned to ParentSquare for the link to join.

For more information about ROWI, visit ROWIteen.com.