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SCVi’s Annual Vision in Education Benefit Dinner
Mark Your Calendar: March 10, 2018
This Year’s Vision in Education Honoree: Dr. Dianne Van Hook
The SCVi Vision in Education Award recognizes a community leader who has made significant contributions to public education. This person has demonstrated extraordinary vision and dedication in supporting and expanding educational opportunities. It is expressly designed to honor those rare individuals who by visionary hard work and fearless leadership have forever positively impacted education. This could be demonstrated by creating new educational programs, giving selflessly to the community by championing issues and by supporting education, teaching and learning with enthusiasm, energy and a focus on student success.
This Year’s Founder’s Vision Award Honoree: Erin Acquaviva
The Founder’s Vision Award honors a staff member who has influenced the growth and development of SCVi’s educational vision. The SCVi Founders salute this individual who has demonstrated a deep commitment to aiding students in becoming lifelong learners with the skills to thrive in the 21st Century. The recipient of this award demonstrates a commitment to moving the school’s vision forward through parent classes, staff professional development and community connections. Through their personal and professional lives, our Founder’s Vision Award recipients model both the 7 Habits and IB Learner Profile characteristics on a daily basis.
This Year’s Founder’s Family Vision Honoree: The Ruiz Family
The Family Vision Award honors an SCVi family who has influenced the growth of culture, community and educational vision of SCVi. The SCVi founders honor this family who has demonstrated a deep commitment to the philosophy of SCVi and iLEAD schools. This family as a whole, learners and parents included, have put in countless hours to promote, capture and grow the educational opportunities here at SCVi. The recipients of this award have set the precedent of what it means to be an SCVi family. This family is a true model of what it is to be free to think and inspired to lead.

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