Scarlet Foundation’s Annual Giving Program + Join Our Board!

Scarlet Foundation

Scarlet Foundation’s Annual Giving Program supports the programs and other needs of our school so our learners can have the best possible educational experience.

Your donation directly funds programs, supplies, tools, and other needs that SCVi does not receive through charter, state, or federal programs. There is no donation amount that is too small or too big to help enrich your child’s education at SCVi.  

Here are some examples of how your donations would help:

  • Your donation of $25 would help sponsor and support fundraising and community-building events.
  • Your donation of $50 would help supply a classroom with STEM supplies.
  • Your donation of $100 would help to create educational and play spaces outdoors for learners of all ages.
  • Your donation of $300 would help our learners stage a variety of theatre arts performances.
  • Your donation of $600 would help bridge the gap in funds not received from local, state and federal programs.
  • Your donation of $1,000 or more would help us to make SCVi the best educational experience possible for our kids.

Please consider donating today! Your donation of a flat dollar amount or a monthly recurring amount is greatly appreciated!

Click here to donate today!

The Scarlet Foundation Board Needs You!

Scarlet Foundation is an SCVi parent-led, community-supported nonprofit foundation whose sole purpose is to ensure that the learners of SCVi have the best educational experience possible. We do this through fundraising and community-building activities.

We have an all-volunteer board and need families who are interested in continuing to move our school forward to join us. All board members have a vote! We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

  • Secretary: Help to prepare our meeting agendas and minutes, and be the keeper of our bylaws and other important documents.
  • Fundraising (2 positions): Help us create fundraising opportunities (like restaurant nights), work on obtaining community sponsorships, and write grant proposals.
  • Community Engagement: Work with us to create opportunities to support the SCVi community through Parent University and other events.

Curious but not quite sure if it’s for you? Sit in on our next board meeting! Go here to add it to your calendar.

Please contact Kenchy Ragsdale at kenchy.ragsdale@scarletparents.org or Nicole Miller at nicole.miller@scarletparents.org if you’re interested.

Upcoming Events

  • November 12 at 7 PM: Parent University: Quality Time and the Importance of Play
  • December 2 at 7 PM: Scarlet Board Meeting
  • December 10 at 7 PM: Parent University: Project-Based Learning