The Multicultural Celebration Is Coming Nov. 19

The Multicultural Celebration is an event that began in our first year. At the time, we had 110 learners, and our school site consisted of five classrooms. Our first families contributed dishes from their cultures, and the entire school sat down and celebrated the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Last year, we were unable to celebrate this event at all due to the COVID-19 quarantine. This year, our learners will celebrate with their classmates either in Morning Meetings (TK-5) and Advisories (6-12) and we hope to bring our families back on campus for next year’s event.

Multicultural Celebration

Friday, November 19

We ask that each learner brings an item to share or speak about, or store-bought food to share with their class. More specific information will come from your learner’s advisor or homeroom facilitator. (Due to Covid-19 protocols, any food or beverage must be store-bought.)

We are grateful for the opportunity to have a scaled-back Multicultural Celebration this year and wish all of our families a very Happy Fall Break and Thanksgiving.

We appreciate hearing from our families.

You can reach your SCVi Leadership Team by emailing us at leadership@scvi-k12.org.


  • Food or beverage (store-bought) that is special to you


  • A story that is special to you


  • Show and tell item that is special to you


  • Music or art that is special to you