Finding Curiosity & Confidence at SCVi: Alum Emma Hild

Santa Clarita Valley International (SCVi) School alum Emma Hild stands in front of a mountain with her arm raised making it look like she’s touching the peak.

What happens after our learners graduate from Santa Clarita Valley International (SCVi), our tuition-free TK-12th grade school? Always curious (we’re passionate educators after all!), we reached out to our alumni to see what they’re up to these days. We were delighted to see how our small, close-knit school has made a big impact on their lives. 

Take Emma Hild, class of 2018. She’s busy making a difference in child education in Huntington Beach right now but the fact that she’s thriving and engaging with curiosity in the world feels very different than when she began at our WASC-accredited school as a shy child. She credits SCVi with helping her build up her confidence to the point that by the time she graduated, she was senior class president! Here are some highlights from our conversation.

Who was your strongest SCVi influence?

Charlene Spiteri was definitely my strongest influence at SCVi. She is so strong and such a hardworking woman. I learned a lot from her while she was our mentor for the Ambassadors program

What were some of the events you enjoyed at SCVi?

I loved all the social events like Prom and Winter Formal. I loved volunteering as an ambassador at the benefit dinners. My absolute favorite events were sports. I was very lucky to start high school the same year SCVi began offering sports. I enjoyed attending practices with my friends and developing new friendships with teammates. I also enjoyed going to other teams’ games and supporting our school.

Were you involved in other activities at SCVi? 

I was on the volleyball, soccer and softball teams my freshman through senior year. I was a part of the Ambassadors program my freshman and sophomore year. During my junior and senior year, I was the main leader of the program. I was also senior class president! 

We love our project-based learning. Can you name a favorite project you worked on at SCVi? 

Our Civil War Reenactment! I will never forget this project and being fully embodied in the time period we were learning about. I dressed up as an abolitionist and handmade small bags to sell. 

How did SCVi prepare you for your life today?

I was never an outgoing person – if I was in any sort of social environment I wouldn’t leave my sister’s or mom’s side. Once I started attending SCVi – especially when I joined the Ambassadors program – I truly blossomed. In high school I like to say I was friends with everyone and that continued in college and in my everyday life. I started to love meeting new people and creating conversations.

What have you been up to since you graduated high school?

I graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor of Science in psychology and a minor in cognitive science in 2022. After I graduated, I moved back to Santa Clarita and then in 2023 I moved to Huntington Beach with my college best friend. I started working for the Ocean View School District as an Instructional Assistant in a Special Day Class (SDC). I am working towards getting my special education teaching credential. 

Santa Clarita Valley International (SCVi) School alum Emma Hild poses in graduation garb with her family outside while holding a red diploma from University of Utah.

Five fun facts about Emma

  1. I find any reason to travel! I went on a Europe trip with my brother Quinn in November of 2022. We went to six countries in six weeks. 
  2. Before my dad retired from the LA County Underwater Unit he taught my siblings and I how to scuba dive.
  3. I found a new hobby in college – cooking! It became my stress relief and now I love to cook for all my friends and guests who visit me in Huntington Beach. 
  4. Call me the psychologist of my friend group – I always put my friends and family as a priority in my life. Ultimately I just want to make sure everyone knows I am here to listen and support them. 
  5. I have a side hustle working security for a private company with my parents. I took a course for my Guard Card and have worked private events for many celebrities! Super fun experience. 

Thanks for sharing, Emma! We are so proud of you and all of our learners at our small, tuition-free school where we encourage and nurture lifelong learning and leadership. Enrolling now!


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