Monday message 03.23.2020

Dear learners, families, and staff,

We hope this message finds you all well.  The dedication, collaboration, and love our staff have for all of our learners has made it possible to move our site-based program to our distance-learning program. Actually, it is probably more appropriate to call this our social-distance-learning program because what we’ve created together with you is by no means distant.  Although we have moved into the virtual world, we are all continuing the connection that makes us SCVi and iLEAD. It has been incredible to “drop in” on the different Zoom Rooms our learners are participating in with their facilitators and see how excited everyone is to be able to connect with one another.  

Although we are navigating uncharted waters not knowing how long this pandemic will last, we thank you for your trust and support as we embark on this voyage together. Our founding principle encourages each and everyone one of us to be “Free to Think, Inspired to Lead.” Because of this, we are able to navigate these unknown waters together. We have cultivated a school community of risk-takers familiar with being challenged to step out of our comfort zone and embrace the unknown to create new systems, new programs, and new ways of learning.  

With that being said, we know it is by no means easy to do this. It can be extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes it is scary; sometimes it is painful; sometimes it feels impossible. This week has been extremely challenging for all of us, yet the beauty is that this time also forces us to stop the “normal” day-to-day. I believe it is our own personal choice to decide what we will do with it. I remind myself now more than ever, I need to practice the 7 Habits and be proactive rather than reactive in order to be a strong support for others. We can take this opportunity to focus on what’s most important to us in our lives and how we contribute to our families, our school community, and our larger global community.

Welcome to Week 2 of our “Social Distance” Learning Program, everyone. We can do this together.

Nessa Roffredo and The SCVi Leadership Team

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