Safety Alert: Drop-off and Pickup Procedures

Dear SCVi Families,

We are concerned for the safety of all of our learners during daily drop-off and especially pickup at valet. We ask that you please either drive into the valet line to pick up your child or park in the parking lot and meet your child at their grade-level designated pickup area. Our biggest concern is that some learners are walking or running through the valet car line to meet their parents outside of school at the curb on the street. This is causing serious concern for their well-being.

If you would like to use the valet, please be safe and enter the valet line at the last driveway to drive through and pick up your children at the appropriate designated place where they are waiting for you with designated facilitators.

If you prefer, you may also park in the parking lot and meet your children at their elementary school classroom, The Cafe gate for middle school learners, or the quad for upper school learners.

Below are the drop-off and valet procedures from the SCVi Family Guidebook for your reference:


SCVi Charter School offers a convenient valet drop-off system. This is the safest and most efficient way to drop off your learner(s). We strongly encourage all families, regardless of the learner’s grade level, to use the valet system.

For the safety of all learners and to alleviate traffic in front of school, please drop off at the specified valet only. If you would like your child to enter at the front entrance. Please park in the designated parking stalls and walk them in or have the use the designated sidewalk and crossing guard.

In order to keep the learners and families safe before and after school, we ask that you follow these parking lot procedures when driving your child to the SCVi Charter School campus;

  • Drive slowly and watch for families and children walking through the parking lot;
  • Do not use your cell phone while driving in parking lot;
  • Give your attention to driving and exiting safely;
  • Primary Grade children should be accompanied through the parking lot by a parent or older sibling.

Please help us keep the valet line safe and efficient by following these guidelines:

  • Have your child seated so that he/she/they can exit quickly.
  • Be prepared- have your child ready to exit with backpack/school work/ lunch in hand.
  • Please pull forward and wait for a valet attendant before exiting the vehicle.
  • Make sure your child has exited safely and all volunteers are at a safe distance away from your vehicle
    before you drive away from the valet drop-off area. 
  • If you need to get something out of your trunk, please park in the parking lot.

We appreciate your cooperation in this important safety matter.

With gratitude,

The SCVi Leadership Team